Abbey (abbeymoore) wrote,

So I want to take classes here that will not benefit my future at all.
I want to do a dance specialization BECAUSE ITS SO FUN but it would just be a lot of money and time and absolutely no benefit except maybe some muscles. Damn. I also want to just quit the world and take art classes. Art and dance classes. SO FUN.
Kristen and Julie are gone at tutoring and I am wearing my dance leotard and tights and listening to Center Stage. Mwahahahaha. Kristen will read this and make fun of me.
I think I will take more orchesis classes next year. Except next year = Job + School + hopefully BF + car payments and +/- dance classes. DONT KNOW.
Aahhhh so busy.
And I found a new favorite place. Espresso Royal. You can sit outside and drink coffee and I had coffee and maybe that is why I am so awake right now. But I love it. I am going there everyday, done.
I'M IN SUCH A DAMN GOOD MOOD. I used to write smart things in this lj, now i am dumb.

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