Abbey (abbeymoore) wrote,

I love Lauren from the Hills and I want to work at Teen Vogue, or some sort of magazine. Sooo having that said, I'm going to. That's it. Secondly, I'm sick of being alone. But I'm not desperate. Whoever says college is full of mature and awesome boys is totally wrong. That or I'm at MSU. ha.

Okay, I finally get to go home friday, thank God.
Tomorrow is Greys anatomy/Math party with Alisa! Hooray. I miss my roomies. I couldn't sleep last night because...Kristen wasn't across from me? No, that can't be it. Maybe it was that I dreamt in spanish math equations, that was weird. Speaking of spanish equations, fck you ISP 215. You are impossible to get good grades in. But thank you Mr. Curve. And having that said, a word from Cahudda's grandfather... "It's like I always say, it doesn't matter how much liquor you drink or how much ass you whip, it's how you handle yourself in a crisis." I don't think anyone could have said it better.

Peace out East Lansing.

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    I'm so happy! 24 days till camp...hang out with me!

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    I have mono, it's finals week, and canker sores have attacked my mouth and they are everywhere. Someone come here and shoot me.

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