April 27th, 2008

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This year went by sooo fast. I know what I want to do with my life (at the moment) but I feel like there is no time to do anything and it's going to be gone really fast. I don't like that. I am so excited for camp. It's going to be sooo good, and it's sad that no one understands, but oh well. I'm just really worried about those days that I do come home, and I won't be able to see everyone, and I don't want people to feel bad, I'm just going to be tired, and there's no way I can see everyone. Sad. Now all I have to do is study my butt off this week and my brain can relax for a few months. Yay! I went to prom last night, and it was so much fun. Hooray for one last Highschool function! I miss a lot of people there.

My mom and I are best friends.