March 3rd, 2008

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I'm home! And playing Cinderella today. Minus the prince that comes and saves me. I'm just cleaning so I can earn money to drive my car around this week. Really fantastic?
The weekend in Chicago was amazing. Two amazingly crazy fun nights. Trips to Bart-Mart, dance parties, getting Gin in my eye...oh wait. That wasn't cool at all. That sucked. But not many can say it has happened to them I guess. Oh Dimitri. Nasty crap.
But thanks to Danny Cherette for hosting an amazing weekend, even though he doesn't read this. I might post a few pictures if I have a spare like... 45 min on my hand.
But anyways, I am home, and I am happy! I will be 19 in a few days, and that is neat. Funny that I was 14 when I started this livejournal. Ohhh 14.
This is pointless. But anyways, call me, and hangout with me this week while I'm home!

I feel like I did a year ago...weird. Almost exactly the same...