February 20th, 2008

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I like NOT being in my dorm room. Today I walked around Grand River, ended up in Starbucks, used my gift card to get a lemon loaf and some coffee and ended up talking to my history professor who is THE MAN. He's an old Scottish guy who is seriously the coolest. So then I was inspired and decided to start studying for my history midterm next thursday...which is three comparative essays. Ew. Where are you Danny or Bethany when I need you to tell me the differences in the Mughal and Ottoman empires?! So yeah, I like being not in my dorm room. I get more done that way.

I have an econ test tonight at 8:45 pm. What is that?! I am tired by 9. Surely this is not a good idea for my brain. I'm not digging that late time. And then tomorrow I have an ISS midterm. Aahh! But all is well because tomorrow I get to hangout with Casey Chahine from Camp...TWO YEARS AGO. I am so excited to see him. And Lost is on. And it may or not be... champagne Thursday? Fun with the girls plus Marco and Shaan. And Friday I will be going home. I can do it! :)

I had four shots of espresso yesterday and it was amazing for my mental state of mind. I was able to stay up and not pass out in ISS. Thank you Biggby. My Mom is busy sunning herself in the Dominican Republic right now, and starts talking to me online. She is paying 7$ to talk to me because she is "sunned out." I do NOT feel bad for her. Haha.

Now I remember why I like Livejournal so much. I can talk and talk and talk and no one cares. Today at lunch I sat near Nycolle Schindlebeck (sp?) and Alex Krug. Seriously. What the hell is Grand Haven doing in the cafeteria in Hubbard. Alex Krug is everywhere. Once he even showed up in our room and stole our marker. Amber Tompkins is everywhere too. I am secretly afraid of her. 60,000 students and I still see so many familiar faces. Oh well, I kind of like it.

I really want to skip all classes ever and just HAVE my profession. Ugh.

well don't you dont you dare drop your weary head
its over now, you'll do better next time
just try restore your eyes
it's time to wakeup you've been asleep for awhile
but i've never left your sight
i've been here the whole time