February 18th, 2008

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Well, I remember how to center things. And how to make things SMALL and italicized and bold. But do I remember how to make an lj-cut? hmm... Collapse ) OMG i dont know i will have to wait until this is posted.

So I just got my ass kicked by a lady named Jana in a turbo kick class. Jackie will soon kick my ass on Tuesday and Friday. I wish I could just be in shape without the actual GETTING in shape part. Someday! I guess I worked off those mini-tacos at least.

This weekend I am going home and I'm very excited. Mostly for the conference swim meet. I will pretend that I'm still in highschool for one more day! And see lots of people who I haven't seen in forever... Chris Mann, Jeremy Dustin, Jake Heyblom, Aaron Beebe and hopefully others. Yay for swim team. And yay for livejournal revolutions.

Today I rode the bus 5 times. That's pretty impressive. I made it almost all the way around campus.

I am enjoying The Tide lately. Oh and, 107 days...YES.